'When lives on the line,

every second count, 
A timely intervention ...

could be all that is needed to help.'


About us

When coming to make your Event Risk Assessments for your upcoming event, did you cover the liability concern on your event first aid aspect?


"Event First Aid Service Ltd" aware of the importance of the liability;

we must be responsible for the general public and to the patient,

ensuring the interests and the right of everyone.

Thus, our services are posses with sufficient Liability insurance coverage!

In order, to Protecting the rights of the patients and avoiding unnecessary medical or legal claims and public relations crises for your event's related stakeholders.








#Event First Aid Service 活動駐場急救服務  


"Event First Aid Service Ltd." attaches great importance to and understands that in the context of Hong Kong's high transparency, accountability, and live-streaming trends with bystanders, in terms of holding these sufficient and effective liability insurance policies in order to provide medical-related services in Hong Kong, not only can ensure all the interests of your event stakeholders but also can protect your event brand reputation, as well as our high standard of service; therefore Everyone can be safe and enjoy a good event experience in your event!



If you do choose our service, your events are benefited by the following liability insurance ...

1) Medical Malpractice Insurance 


  • Of course, when we do hold medical qualifications and our job role is to providing medical-related service to the public, we must take liability for every act/ decision we make to the patients. Therefore, that is no reason not to get this insurance coverage.

  • <Medical Malpractice Insurance> is essential for all professionals in the medical industry. Not only it is to ensure our staffs’ background and qualifications meet the highest standards and liability is fully covered! Provide your clients with the best liability coverage to ensure the benefits of all your event stakeholders.

2) Employee Compensation Insurance


  • Employees are crucial assets of a company. 'Event First Aid Service Ltd' values the importance of our employees; 
    Therefore, we had purchased for our working staff, a comprehensive and proper Employees' Compensation Insurance which conforms to the < Hong Kong Employees' Compensation Ordinance > and allowing our employees to feel they are valued and respected, as well as to our clients.

  • Fulfilling the Hong Kong Employees' Compensation Ordinance (Hong Kong Law Chapter 282), employers must possess a valid insurance policy that is subject to corresponding obligations with reference to the law (including The Basic Law).


     Reference: Hong Kong Employees' Compensation Ordinance (Hong Kong Law Chapter 282)                     https://www.labour.gov.hk/eng/legislat/content1.htm

3) Hire Car Permit –Private Service (Limousine)

  • Our Company vehicle holds a Private Service (Limousine) Hire Car permit, to fulfilling the existing law [section 52(3) of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap. 374)] stipulates provisions on the use of private cars for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward. Because using an illegal hire car service can put passengers at risk, as the Vehicle's third party insurance may be invalid.



1) 《醫療專業責任保險》

  • 當然當我們持有相關醫療資格及是向公眾提供醫療相關服務,而我們工作範疇是會涉及他人的生命時,我們必須對我們對傷患者做出的每項行為/決定和公眾承擔責任。因此,沒有理由不獲得此項保險承保以保障各方利益。 

  • <醫療專業責任保險>對於醫療行業的所有專業人員都是必不可少的。不僅確保我們員工的背景和資歷達到最高標準。 而且能夠為您的活動提供最大的責任(liability) 保障,以確保你的活動所有活動持份者的利益。

2)  《僱員補償保險》

  • 員工是公司的重要資產。“活動急救服務有限公司”重視員工的重要性;


  • 為遵守《香港僱員補償條例》(香港法例第282章),僱主必須擁有有效的保險單,'



      參考:《香港僱員補償條例》(香港法例第282章) https://www.labour.gov.hk/eng/legislat/content1.htm


3) 《私家服務(豪華房車)出租汽車許可證》

  • 我們公司的車輛均持有 - 私家服務(豪華房車) 出租汽車;

  • 為履行現有法例訂有有關使用私家車作出租或取酬載客用途的條文《道路交通條例》(第374章)第52(3)條。

  • 因為使用非法出租汽車服務會令車上乘客蒙受風險,


F&Q  :

What is the difference between Medical Malpractice & Professional Indemnity Insurance?

  • The coverage for both these insurances is very similar; however, medical malpractice insurance not only covers economic loss, but also injury and property damage following professional negligence, which professional indemnity won’t cover.


  • As mentioned, unlike public liability insurance, both cover compensation claims arising out of professional activities. However, the cover under a professional indemnity policy is a lot more restrictive than the cover under a medical malpractice policy.


  • Professional indemnity insurance only covers compensation claims involving purely economic losses. This means that if someone makes a claim against the service alleging that the service professional negligence resulted in them being injured or their property being damaged, professional indemnity insurance would not cover.

Post Event First Aid Summary


Based on our real-life practice, this summary playing a particularly important role!


With the benefit:


  1. If an accident happens during the event; we will make a record. The event organizer has a details record to understand the nature of the accident and the after-treatment.

  2. When come to deal with any insurance or legal claims, this is a legally valid document to provide for the third parties or loss adjusters

  3. Reference for your future planning for your next event, minimize any potential hazard.





  1. 如果活動期間發生意外; 我們將記錄在案,因此活動主辦有一個詳細記錄而且能夠了解意外的事發經過及治療記錄。

  2. 當涉及任何保險或法律索償時,這是提供給第三方或公証行的合法有效文件。

  3. 為您下一次活動的未來策劃提供參考,以最大程度地減少任何潛在風險。

We could keep your event confidential upon request!


We work in a "Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)" approach.

Our team made up of different medical professions sector all have different areas of expertise so that they can combine their skill sets if necessary to tackle complex and challenging patient clinical conditions. 

  • The benefit of Multidisciplinary team care - when professionals from a range of disciplines work together to deliver comprehensive care that handling the patient's clinical condition under patients limited medical history in a prehospital setting, stabilizing the patient.





  • 多專業團隊模式的好處- 當來自各個學科醫學背景的專業人員一起提供全面的護理時,在院前環境中,在有限的病歷下,可以盡可能滿足處理患者的臨床狀況,穩定患者。

⚠️We do NOT ❌provide a SINGLE- PERSON service. 

Our service will provide at least two staff members (including one male and one female). With the benefit of having male and female staff’s in your event.

  1. Avoid “MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS TUNNEL VISION” that may lead to a medical error when it comes to making a medical decision.

  2. Both gender present can play a “Chaperone's role” when coming to necessary Intimate examinations, able to reassure the patient if they experience distress, offer emotional support at an embarrassing or uncomfortable time, also can protect the patient’s dignity and confidentiality.

A chaperone role also provides a safeguard for both patients and our staff and can discourage unfounded allegations of improper behavior, Secure the interests of all event stakeholders.

Also, from our real-life working experience, our female staffs tend to with a greater effect when coming across to handling infants, children, and the elderly. Also, if your event involved an infant or expectant mother, we could be assigned our female staff with obstetrics qualifications or who had clinical obstetrics experience to assist in your event. 


我們最少限度將提供2名職員提供服務(包括一名男性, 一名女性)

  1. 避免"MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS TUNNEL VISION"在做出醫療決定時可能導致醫療失誤

  2. 在場的兩性都可以在進行必要的親密檢查時扮演“陪伴者的角色”(Chaperone's role”)   能夠在檢查時讓患者放心,還可以保護患者的尊嚴和私隱。 

陪伴者的角色”(Chaperone's role”)還可以為患者和我們的員工提供保障,



Pre-hospital First Aid Service is not always about bloody or dramatic.

  • In fact, from our experience, we always have to come across handle people suffering from emotional distress for various reasons. It is important to understand the reasons and their needs, knowing what is bothering them.

  • Therefore, we do encourage our MFA/PFA qualified staff to continually polish their communication skills or enhance their knowledge on counseling or psychology first aid - through look, listen and link, adopt timely effective psychological support and appropriate measures to help mitigate the problem (empathy and sympathy), to improve the immediate senses of secure on the scene offering physical and emotional comfort for the distressed people.

  • When requiring advanced support, we could provide a channel to refer them to seek further medical support.


  • 實際上,根據我們的經驗,我們總是有需要處理由於各種原因而遭受情緒/精神困擾的求助者。 重要的是要了解求助者情緒/精神困擾原因和需求,知道困擾他們的原因。

  • 因此,我們鼓勵我們擁有MFA / PFA資格的員工不斷提高他們的溝通技巧或增強他們在心理輔導或精神健康急救方面的知識-  通過 觀察,傾聽和聯繫,及時採取有效的心理情緒支援和適當的措施來緩解問題(同理心 和 同情心),改善現場為求助者提供即時安全感,為陷入情緒/精神困擾的求助者提供身心上的舒適。

  • 當需要高級心理支援時,我們可以提供相關渠道來推薦他們尋求進一步的心理醫療支援

From our real-life working practices, we do often come across a geriatric patient with a medical emergency or traumatic injury.


  • 🌱Geriatric patients are not just "old adults"— they come with their own challenges, which include social, cognitive, and physical aspects. The physical presentation of geriatric patients is different from that of other patient groups. Taking an honest look at where an elderly needs support is the first step and then assess all the possible solutions to get them the help they need.


  • As Medical First Aid Service providers, we must show empathy and secure their dignity when approaching the geriatric patient, also we need to increase our index of suspicion with elderly patients. Vague and non-specific complaints and traumatic injuries with a low-energy mechanism of injury can have life-altering effects on an older patient.


  • 🌱老年患者不僅是“老年人”,他們還面臨著自己的挑戰,包括社會,認知和身體方面。 老年患者的身體表現與其他患者群不同。 細心地看待老年人需要支持的地方是第一步,然後評估所有可能的解決方案,以幫助他們獲得所需的幫助。


  • 作為醫療急救服務提供者,在接觸老年患者時,我們必須表現出同理心 和 同情心並確保他們的尊嚴並獲得尊重,我們還需要對老年患者的受傷機制懷疑指數提高警覺。 模糊和非特定性的主訴以及具有低能量損傷機制的創傷性損傷可能對老年患者產生改變生命的影響。

“Plan before you can manage.”

In simple words, planning comes before managing, events.”

  • Behind the scene of every great event, 

        We are not limited to provide service on the actual event days. 

  • Pre-event meetings and coordinating also playing a very surly part in our ordinary operation; every so often we do require to conduct an onsite visit and developing emergency contingency plans with the event management team.

  • Because we can consider the event from a safety perspective, we may spot some potential crisis to suggest to the event management teams, in order to minimize any risk, to provide your event safety and joyful event experience.

  • 在每一個大型活動的背後,


  • 活動前會議和協調也在我們的日常業務中也起著非常重要的作用; 


  • 因為我們可以從安全角度考慮您的活動,




The building blocks of our service successes are the people with the right mindset possessing the necessary skills and qualifications. They work together to deliver services in a style that is best described as “Precaution is better than cure.” .....

Modern First Aid Service pattern has evolved;
The old trend all you seeing the first aider just sitting around, waiting for someone to comes to seek help, instead; "Prevention" had become a new trend, therefore we will be watching out for any potential hazard that may occur in your events; minimize the risk factor before the accident happened and this act is to prevent letting anyone else capture and post it on social media lead to any potential Public relations/ legal crisis. 

“Saving a life wasn’t always about performing complicated medical procedures.  It was something more.  It was about putting a smile on someone’s face and hearing them sincerely .”  ― Daniel Sink 

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