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活動急救服務 Event First Aid Service
活動急救服務 Event First Aid Service

Pursuant to section 52(3) of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Chapter 374), no person shall drive or use a private car; or suffer or permit a private car to be driven or used for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward unless a hire car permit is in force in respect of the vehicle. 

Therefore,  We held the Hire Car Permit - Private Service (Limousine) fulfilled the Regulation and for anyone using our service, they are well protected by third party insurance.



<<Clarification Statement>>

After receiving several customer inquiries, our company now makes the following clarification:
The company's vehicle turns from King's Road into the Model Lane (one-way driving). It can be clearly seen from the recording that an environmental protection bucket is placed on the left side of the entrance of the car park, and a large truck is parked on the right side.
When the company's vehicle entered the car park, the taxi was not yet reached the gate but yet he does have enough time to allow the entering vehicle to enter the car park first, but the taxi driver accelerated instead. In the case where payment should be made before any vehicles depart from the car park (see picture), the taxi driver hastened to the gate to make payment and hindered the entry and exit of the car park, while the company's vehicles could not reverse back on a one-way road.
The taxi driver has repeatedly made the inappropriate accusation in a numerous of social groups to slander the company and have constantly used different contact methods to refrain from disclosing the status of their taxi (certificate) information and has caused harassment to the company.
Our company emphasizes safety as our top priority in the services we provide.
Here, our company has reserved the right to take legal action.


If you want to use our escort service, please feel free to complete the form below or direct email message us at or whatsapp us 9881 6312  for the service price.


或 whatsapp us 9881 6312 獲取報價。

活動急救服務 Event First Aid Service

Thanks! order sent. Will come back to you with the price shortly!

Customers can only make reservations by calling / Email / Fill in the form via the website to contact us three to seven days before using the service. After receiving the customer's appointment, our staff will confirm the relevant booking service and charges via telephone, SMS or email.



(If applicable) On the day of service, it is recommended that each wheelchair user is accompanied by a family member, guardian, or friend.


Please inform the company one day before the scheduled service for processing. If you cancel today, you will be charged an administration fee of HKD$ 100.

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活動急救服務 Event First Aid Service
活動急救服務 Event First Aid Service
活動急救服務 Event First Aid Service
活動急救服務 Event First Aid Service
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